Meanwhile in the Midwest…

I am rather new to Twitter, but I have found that it is an excellent way to keep up with news sources. I began following some of my favorite news organizations because I love that they cover news from all over the country and world.

National news organizations are exceptional sources of an assortment of stories and information and Twitter makes this information that much more accessible; however, the Midwestern region of the United States is often skimmed over.

I wanted to experience more local news stories while going through my Twitter feed and I have found some incredible sources to follow! These Twitter accounts share information about local and regional news as well as addressing national news.

Give them a look over. I guarantee you’ll find some captivating stories!

NET Nebraska

NET Nebraska ranks among my favorite Nebraska news sources. I don’t have much to say other than if you are looking for strong pieces that give you useful information about this region, then go follow this account!

KETV NewsWatch 7

KETV NewsWatch 7 is an Omaha, NE local news source. They do a great job of balancing Nebraska news and national news. Their posts are informative, heart touching, and sometimes include a funny GIF to brighten up your day.

WOWT 6 News

WOWT 6 News is another local news source out of Omaha. One thing I really like about this Twitter account is that they share a lot of breaking news stories. Their stories are captivating and provide important information for those living in the Midwest and those interested in knowing what is going on over here!

Omaha World-Herald

The OWH is by far one of my favorite news sources. They share incredibly captivating stories that do not always get covered in the news. The OWH also Retweets other regional news, so you can find even more great sources to follow!

Lincoln Journal Star

Lincoln is the place I was born, so I am always a little extra curious as to what is going on in the town, yet even if you are not a Lincoln native, I highly recommend following this twitter account! If you are a Huskers fan, this is a great location to get your Huskers news. I enjoy the in-depth stories that are shared from the Lincoln Journal Star website. They make sure to high light the important issues affecting Nebraska. 

Kearney Hub

The Kearney Hub shares news from Kearney, NE while also covering news throughout the Midwest. The stories range from local high school and college sports, to criminal news, to information on local elections and races. 

There are several more great twitter accounts for regional news:

1011 News Now

NTV News

The Grand Island Independent

KSNB Local4



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