Money, Money, Money.

It’s 2018. New year, new me, right? Well, not really. 

A few days ago I dropped a little over $300 on an airplane ticket that I had already bought once, but irrationally canceled. 

I then panicked and took out more money in student loans out of fear that I would run out of money and not be able to afford life in general. 

Again, irrational. 

Luckily, I stumbled upon the nicest AllegiantAir customer service fellow that issued me a full refund and reinstated the original tickets. 

So, all is good in the financial department; however, I am still the same irrational spender that I always was.

How does this have any importance to any of you? Well, I’m sure I am not the only person here that has issues with spending money emotionally or just too frequently on unnecessary things.

So my goal is to figure out what I’m doing and fix it and maybe you’ll find something useful too. If not, hopefully you’ll find a little humor out of the ridiculous ways I have spent my money.

There are already articles out there that can help identify these problems and give fixes to them, but I think it is better to have some specific examples of emotional spending from yours truly. 

There is one specific memory I have of an early time in my life that I spent money emotionally. In high school I went through a typical breakup and what did I do? I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought hair extensions that were around $70. They didn’t even match my hair color, nor did I ever get them put in. 

Last summer I took a trip to Lincoln with my friend and while there I decided that I wanted a gecko. I love reptiles, but I can barely take care of myself, let alone another living creature. However, when I decide I want something, I just go for it. So I went and bought Larry and all of his necessities for around $100.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Larry   …I sold Larry to another family 3 months later.

One last example of my horrible spending habits comes from a trip in which I flew down to Arizona to visit a friend. I spent about a week there and during that time I ended up spending around $800 and had very little to show for it. One of the largest payments I made came from a random mall kiosk. I spent well over $100 on something I did not want at all and hundreds of dollars on clothes and random items that I did not need.

Old habits are hard to break, but I think I have found a way to begin fixing my irrational/emotional spending; other than by the sheer embarrassment of sharing these stories. 

Rather than look for specific fixes, I found a blog that listed why being frugal will make your life better. The author gives specific examples on how frugality fixes a lot more than you think.

I like the idea of saving some extra money, but I am more likely to save that money if I know that by being a little more rational with my spending, I will have a larger impact than just taking away a bit of my monthly stress. 

If you are looking for specific fixes to the problem, budgeting is a great answer. It is easier to get started out than you’d think.

There are plenty of budgeting apps out there or you can just set up an excel budgeting sheet. The most important thing to do is to actually use it and identify when you’re acting irrationally.

I’m still working on those parts!

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