The State of the Union. Spoiler: it’s not great.

Trump took a unifying approach to his State of the Union Address. Here is what I got from it along with a few fitting tweets:


The State of the Union Address began with Donald Trump entering into the House Chamber and proceeding to shake hands with an overabundance of old, white men. There were a few women and minorities, but not many. It was a snapshot of exactly who is running the United States government.

Throughout his address, Donny J. definitely said a lot of things that, if actually done, would be great! But, he did not follow up with how he plans to make any of the changes that he spoke of.

I kept up with fact checkers as I was watching the SOTU tonight and there was a mixture of true, kind of true, and false statements made by Trump.

“The motto is in God we trust!” – The President of the United States (a country that has a separation of Church and State) along with good ‘ol Paul Ryan giving a little silent shout out to God.

My heart does go out for the families that have been hurt by members of the MS-13 gang. Can we also talk about the families that are being hurt almost every day now in America because of gun violence?

We proudly stand for the national anthem even if there are African American’s being murdered by law enforcement. That’s what I understand from the President. It is disgusting to use unifying stories of veterans to take a shot at the NFL protests.

Donald Trump did have a moment where he discussed nonpartisan bills for a path to immigration and border security (even though a nonpartisan bill like this was already made by Republican and Democratic senators), but it was surrounded with him gloating about his tax cuts…

Trump on North Korea – (paraphrasing) They’re dangerous and I won’t do what the past administrations have done to get us into this kind of a mess with them. Also Trump on North Korea (but on Twitter) – My nuclear button is much bigger! Taunts him with names like Rocket Man. Etc.

Trump spoke for a pretty long time, but he definitely didn’t cover all of the issues that he probably should have. Let’s not forget that midterm elections are coming up and there is a very real and scary possibility of Russian interference, but Trump gave no mention of that.

And remember to tune in and watch Stormy Daniels on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!
Recap: Stormy Daniels is the porn star that came out recently and shared that Trump’s lawyers had paid her off in 2006 to keep her from releasing information of her affair with Trump. Today she is saying that she never had an affair with Trump!

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