Sex is happening. Education is lacking. Get it together, Nebraska.

Nebraska does not have any requirements that say schools must provide sex education to students. The choice is left to local school boards and abstinence-only education is the preferred method of sex ed by the Nebraska State Board of Education.

“The Nebraska State Board of Education supports “an abstinence approach to risk behaviors associated” with “sexual activity.” The Board has abstinence-only-until-marriage (AOUM) guidelines for schools and these are the “expected standard.”


Here are the claims for my upcoming editorial on this state issue:

  • Abstinence-only sex education does not delay kid’s decision to have sex and it does not prevent pregnancies.
  • Teen birth rates in Nebraska have fallen since their peak year in 1988, but this is not because of abstinence-only sex education. Rates have been shown to be falling due to improved contraceptive use.
  • There is no age restriction on purchasing condoms, but many teens do not have the proper education to know this.
  • Birth control in Nebraska can be prescribed without parental consent, but doctors have the right to tell the parents.

Policy: Parents and community members in Nebraska need to push for comprehensive sex education by going to meetings and calling to speak with school board members until they see change.

Links for the editorial:


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