Okay, lets talk about this “people problem”.

“When guns start walking around and killing people, then I will ask the government to start doing something about guns. It’s a people problem, not a gun problem.”

Today I was sitting scrolling through my Facebook feed and, of course, there were a lot of different posts about guns after yet another devastating school shooting yesterday. After reading through the posts and comments and having some interesting conversations, I had to share my thoughts here.

There was one post in particular that I was drawn to because it had the always enraged Tomi Lahren in it.

I am used to Tomi spewing anger all over multiple platforms because of her views on the whole “Political Correctness” thing (although I believe most of the “being politically correct” is just having a filter and some common decency).

I think that the response to her tweet is very powerful and this girl has actually experienced what a mass shooting is like. I noticed a comment on this post that talked about this being a mental health issue not a gun issue. I will go on record saying that it is a mental health issue. No one that is not suffering from a mental illness of some sort could do something so horrific. The point is that there is a gun issue in our country and nothing is being done about it.

This guy that I was discussing this with went through what steps it takes to purchase a gun. I have never attempted to buy a gun and I don’t really plan to, but I do know people who have guns that got them fairly easily. Even the steps he gave me seemed way too easy, with a few 15 day waiting periods, a background check, and a $25 fee being about what he said was a lot to do to purchase a firearm. I definitely do not think that sounds like a lot of hoops to jump through to get a weapon.

I could go on and on about this, but I am not going to do that. There are people with more information on this than me and people who have covered just about every angle of this topic. With that being said, I want to conclude with two points.

I don’t think that we should get rid of all the guns and I don’t think that everyone should have guns. Both of these views are unrealistic and do not seem like a great idea. A majority of Americans agree that there should be stricter gun laws in the US, but every day another shooting happens, we say our condolences, everyone makes a post or two on social media and we move on until the next day when the next shooting happens. Implementing stricter gun laws won’t stop all shootings and won’t take guns away from everyone who should not have access to a gun; however, it will stop at least one shooting from happening and then possibly two or three and so on.

Let’s focus on mental health too.

The main argument is that this is a “people problem” because of mental health, then let’s do something about that! Those that are against gun control are arguing this point, but they don’t fight against the budget cuts to mental health programs and the policies that effect those with mental illnesses.

I know that there will be another mass shooting soon and there probably won’t be anything pushed through the government by that time or after, but I want to do more than forget and move on. Let’s do something, anything, about this.


4 thoughts on “Okay, lets talk about this “people problem”.

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  1. I completely agree with you. Guns should be harder to get, and mental health is definitely a factor in mass shootings. I just wrote a blog about how everyone has an opinion on the hows and whys of mass shootings and how they should be prevented. My take on it is that nobody wants to listen to anyone else, they are so set in their opinion that gun control is the only cause and cure for mass shootings or that it’s not a gun problem at all but a mental health one. Or a video game problem or how kids are raised. There are so many factors out there that are being shoved aside or given only a cursory glance. I don’t think these kinds of incidents are going to end until Americans learn to listen to each other and work together.

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    1. I agree. It’s so hard because I do try to look at things in the most nonpartisan way as possible (obviously I’m pretty liberal with most things though). But most people don’t even try to look at the bigger picture. Not every topic can be grouped into a liberal or conservative or republican or Democrat topic, some things are just major issues that we need to talk about.

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  2. Ashlee,
    I really liked this post. I thought that you took a clear stance and I definitely agreed with your one paragraph about how it is a mental health issue but that it is also a gun control issue. I am right there with you. If someone thinks it is their right to take someone’s life, they have a mental health issue. But you definitely spelled it out for those who need it spelled out that having these guns that are NOT used for anything else but killing people available is absolutely ridiculous. One of my teachers said yesterday that he doesn’t want to have to carry a gun on his hip to protect his students because then We are just going back into the wild western days. It’s all about the mind set people have and I think your clear stance can definitely start to change some people’s minds.

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