Story to come on campus sexual assault.

Sexual assaults on UNK’s campus are still very common even though they have been reported to be happening less since 2014 (to 2016). I have collected three stories from women who have been sexually assaulted while at UNK and that information came from a post I made on Facebook about a week ago just to reach out and see if anyone would be willing to come forward and discuss this with me. With #metoo being so prominent in the world, I figured this would make for a great local editorial later this week.


College campuses are required to have Campus Security and Fire Report to disclose their crime statistics each year.

Sexual Assault
28-317 Sexual Assault – It is the intent of the Legislature to enact laws dealing with sexual assault and related criminal sexual offenses which will protect the dignity of the victim at all stages of judicial process, which will insure that the alleged offender in a criminal sexual offense case have preserved the constitutionally guaranteed due process of law procedures, and which will establish a system of investigation, prosecution, punishment, and rehabilitation for the welfare and benefit of the citizens of this state as such system is employed in the area of criminal sexual offenses.

If statistics show low numbers, but there are more women coming forward than the numbers show, then there are sexual assaults not going reported and therefore not being addressed.

UNK has sexual assault information available in various places on campuses and holds sexual assault awareness seminars, but outside of Greek Life and few other programs, UNK does not require attendance to these informational programs.

Policy Claim: UNK should work to put together a sexual assault awareness program that is required for as many groups and majors as possible. Getting everyone to attend wouldn’t be possible, but better outreach is.

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  1. I’m someone that never reported. Baby freshman me was terrified of repercussions because of the way schools treat women in this position. My counselor wanted me to, but I was afraid, and I didn’t understand the process or what “reporting it” all entailed. Still don’t to be honest. I’m glad you’re writing about this. Thank you.

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  2. What a fantastic topic. The problem of universities covering up sexual assault stats goes back to when I was an undergrad and our student paper was fighting for police records.

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