Claims for local editorial.

Voter turnout during midterm elections is typically much lower than during general elections. Often times people do not see the importance of going out and voting for their local offices. In November of this year there will be a midterm election and there are several important seats up for grabs in Kearney Nebraska. I will write be posting an editorial regarding voter turnout during elections in Kearney.



Congressional midterm elections take place between Presidential elections. State and local races happen every year.

Up to three spots could be open for election on the Kearney Public School’s Board of Education in 2018.

Bob Lammers did not file for re-election for the Kearney City Council.


Voter turnout is lower during years that do not have a presidential election, so if individuals don’t push the message of the importance to vote, then nothing will change.


Not voting in this election will only cause there to be a representative that does not represent the people of Kearney.


There needs to be more advertising of the local elections from within the college community and on social media pages.


Kearney’s 2018 local election’s are incredibly important and require as high of voter turn out as possible. There should be no classes or work days on election day and volunteers should drive people to their polling location to vote.


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