Review of new Eminem album, ‘Revival’, hits just the right points.

I have been a fan of Eminem for quite some time. He has a fair amount of songs that I don’t want anything to do with, but he also has music that I listen to several times a day.

Eminem recently released an album called ‘Revival’ and I read a review of it that was on the Rolling Stone’s website that I thought did a really good job of discussing this album.


As someone who is a fairly new Eminem “stan”, I like that this review goes into detail about Eminem’s past. The opening talks about Eminem’s past songs where he called out people and feuded with other celebrities and rapped about his own battles within. The next few paragraphs going into detail about what the individual songs on the album mean.

“Album-opener “Walk On Water,” featuring vocals from Beyoncé, wonders if that legacy can still be built upon. Eminem details his own missteps and self-doubt over a mostly beatless track as the sounds of crumbling paper and errant swears underscore his lack of confidence.” – Rolling Stones

This review also points out the stuff that I dislike about Eminem’s music which is that it is still filled with various misogynistic statements and words that I’m not a fan off.

That being said, I think the review ‘raps’ it up with a perfect statement:

“When Revival‘s confessionals work, it’s proof that, when the real Marshal Mathers stands up, he can still pull us into his evocative dramas.”


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