Sitcoms and politics are two of my favorite things.

Recently there has been reboots of the shows ‘Roseanne’ and ‘Will & Grace’. Both shows discussed politics in their own quirky ways back during their first runs, but the politics since 2016 have been pretty unique to say the least.

I didn’t really watch the show ‘Roseanne’ back in the day and I have only seen bits of the first episode of the reboot, but I do watch ‘Will & Grace’ now and did in the past. To be able to get insight into ‘Roseanne’, I talked to my best friend Courtney, who would probably refer to herself as “a Roseanne stan”.

First of all, Roseanne Barr ran for president in 2012 and there is even a documentary about it on Hulu called ‘Roseanne for President’. I personally think she is a little nuts, but aren’t most people?

The tricky aspect of her views come from her being a well-known Trump supporter. She was on Jimmy Kimmel before the reboot aired and Kimmel discusses her views with her.

What I wanted to know is how Roseanne Barr handles politics on her show with views that are generally controversial and I wanted to see how it compared to a show like ‘Will & Grace” that features gay characters and talks a lot about liberal leaning issues.

From my conversation with Courtney, I’d say that they actually both handle politics in similar ways. Both shows make fun of the extreme views of each side of the political spectrum. When I asked her how ‘Roseanne’ addresses politics she made that clear. She said that in the first episode, “Jackie shows up in a pussy hat and nasty woman shirt and when Roseanne opens up the door Jackie says, ‘what’s up deplorable’s? and Roseanne calls Jackie a snowflake,” she continued by stating, “it is just so stereotypical of both sides! They also show Roseanne talking about health care being un-affordable and they joke about Republicans and their love for guns.” It is these kinds of tactics that show the liberal and conservative extremes.

Will & Grace does this in a similar way. I recently watched this episode above where Karen goes to get a ‘MAGA’ cake made for Trump’s birthday and the cake shop refuses to make it. Grace hears about the refusal to make the cake and almost storms out of the room until she finds out that it wasn’t similar to the refusal to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, but instead was about Trump. She walks back in and exclaims that she will leave it for Karen to deal with. Eventually she does go down to help Karen as to not be hypocritical.

The main difference that I see between these two shows is that ‘Will & Grace’ does a lot more poking fun of the conservative side of politics while ‘Roseanne’ does both.

Either way, I can’t help but wonder if the politics of this era are what is bringing all of these reboots back. Whatever it is, both shows are doing good so far and they are both keeping the political jokes going and who doesn’t appreciate a good political joke?

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  1. What a great article! I watched both shows growing up and loved them both as a kid. Roseanne Barr has had a lot of controversy in the past and continues it to this day. I would agree that she is nuts and I’m gonna include a link that will only further confirm the idea. There has been a return of the shows from our past, perhaps America is searching to feel like they did in the 90’s. I know my life was much easier back them. The past is often seen through rose colored glass and these reboots are no different. I’m glad the politics of today are fitting in because lord knows we need a laugh these days.


  2. I read somewhere that aside from Real Roseanne’s personal views, she said that obviously TV Roseanne would be a Trump supporter.


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