Preview to a review.

In approximately two hours I will be taking my spot at the movies to view the new film ‘Blockers’, so I am going to do some (hopefully non-spoiler filled) research of reviews on the film and share my thoughts, then I will post a review after watching the film!

Prior to knowing anything about the movie, other than what I have seen in a few previews, I am incredibly excited for the movie. It has some excellent actors/actresses in it that usually bring a lot to whatever project they are in. Ike Barinholtz, Leslie Mann, Hannibal Buress, June Raphael, and of course, John Cena are some of the celebrities that are listed as cast in this movie and that does not sound like a disappointing line up!

My first review came from a Crooked Media podcast. John Lovett, one of the Crooked Media founders and podcasters, gave a review of the movie that was pretty positive. Lovett was unsure of what the movie was actually about going into it, but came out having liked what he saw. He said it was funny and that they touched on a topic of parents trying to stop their kids from having sex in a sensitive and smart way. I’m paraphrasing here, so he went more in-depth with that. He also shared that the cast was a great choice and that the kids and adults all added to the film.

I just read a review from the NY Times that was not as pleased with the movie. In this review, Manohla Dargis, the author, indicates that ‘Blockers’ isn’t realistic and is what you would expect from movies that involve Seth Rogen’s production company. Dargis does talk about the feminist elements of the movie that seem to be what John Lovett was expressing in his review.

In a different type of review from Common Sense Media, author Sandie Chen shares a lot. Chen suggests that this film, while raunchy, has a great message for kids and parents that are trying to navigate through difficult conversations and periods in their life.

I am going in hopeful and with a lot of excitement that this movie won’t disappoint!

I will be posting my own review tomorrow!

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