The non-progressive, ‘progressive’ media.

There is an ongoing feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity that has resorted in some jokes of awful taste from both Kimmel and Hannity.

Ira Madison III is one of my favorite writers/podcasters and he wrote a column that discusses this ‘liberal blind spot’ as he refers to it as.

To understand the issue Ira discusses, everyone has to know what happened initially to cause this feud. To sum it up in the most simple way, Kimmel made a joke about Melania Trump and he joked about her accent. Following this episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hannity showed the clip on his show and called Kimmel a slew of things such as racist, an ass-clown, and referred to him as “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” among other things. Kimmel clapped back with both tweets and during his monologue on his show.

In this piece, Ira points out that the whole feud is exhausted and there are obvious issues with what was said in the first place, which Ira outlines right away in this column. However, the main issue Ira discusses is the use of “gay jokes” to insult straight men. Both Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Handler sent tweets in the same day with gay jokes to insult straight men. Ira also refers to Alec Baldwin as another actor who has done this and has been called out for it.

I remember watching Kimmel’s monologue when he talked about the Hannity feud and I didn’t know how to feel about it at the time; however, Ira really summed it up in a great way. These figures who are typically very progressive are using gay culture to try and show that they are not homophobic, but they are doing the opposite actually. Using gay jokes to insult someone as if gay sex is funny and that is the worst insult you can give to someone who is straight is a homophobic response.

Bravo to Ira for this clearly stated piece that calls out someone who I normally agree with on everything (Because even people who you agree with normally can make mistakes)!

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