Review of “Blockers”

The film Blockers was hilarious, touching at moments, and had a fairly progressive message for a movie that is about parents trying to keep their 17/18 year old daughters from losing their virginity.

I always appreciate the humor that comes from John Cena, Ike Barinholtz, and Leslie Mann, but there was even more to this film than the main superstar cast. Director Kay Cannon, who is known for work on Pitch Perfect, made sure to give her characters more depth. She made sure that the three teenagers (who are not as famous as their well-known screen parents) were given depth and couldn’t be interchangeable with just any random, young actress. These three girls were all characterized by random traits that made them who they were and made them interesting to watch and funny in their own ways.

As for a progressive tone on an otherwise old-fashioned topic, I loved that Blockers showed three girls who made their mind up that they wanted to have sex. It wasn’t because they wanted to feel sexy or that a boy pressured them, these girls made that decision on their own! The boys they wanted to have sex with were also very respectful guys that weren’t creepy or pressuring in any way. Bonus, the story isn’t purely heterosexual, which I appreciate!

Overall, the movie is funny enough to see many times and is a unique take on a tale that’s probably been played off plenty of times. I recommend watching this movie!

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